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    Hi, Lyn. thank you for your response. You seem like a very nice person. I live here in Valencia, CA. If you're coming here to LA, let me know. Maybe we could see each other and talk. I go to this site everyday and I love reading what you guys have posted. It keeps me updated with what is going on with Echotin. Like you, I'm crazy about them. I hope the news that they will be making another soap this year is true. Otherwise, I will have to settle to watching DMII online over and over again. I also wish they will make a movie this year. Again, thank you.


    Reply from Broelyn:

    Thanks so much for your support Claire
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    Hi Broelyn, My name is Claire and I am an avid fan of Echotin. I'm here in the US so I don't really know what is going on with them. I love them both so dearly and I wish they will get back together again. Pero mukhang malabo na base on Echo's comments in some of the articles I've read. I didn't like it what he said about Tin in Elive 12/05/09. Is it also true that DMII is only until January? Please keep me posted on the latest about them.


    Reply from Broelyn:

    Hi Claire. I'm an avid fan of Kristine myself but at first I was an echotiner but when Echo broke her heart years ago. I became a tiner. I still love their tandem. There's no other tandem like them. Their chemistry is so undeniably strong. I stopped getting involve with their personal lives since their break up. Many of us were in pain and shed some tears. It wasn't healthy. I don't get it. What exactly was it that Echo said about Tin that you didn't like during the Elive show? I thought they were okay.

    Anyway, thanks for introducing yourself. It's nice to have you here.

    I hope echotin will have more projects together in the future. I'm hoping their movie will push through. Btw, my name is Lyn. I live in San Jose, CA.
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    Hi, I am from Africa. Could you please write to me the episode guides for Gulong Ng palad in English?


    Reply from Broelyn:

    Hi Linda. Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to translate it for you but you know what the episodes are being sold on DVD's. I bought my copy when it was released. I think they have subtitles. I'm sorry I've been too busy that's why I have someone helping me out with the message board. I'd like to take the time to welcome you on the ezboard.
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    mabuhay....i just stop by to say hi.....take care and stay bless


    Reply from Broelyn:

    Hi! Thank you for the comment. Take care! Do I know you?